Need more Сortexes

It was meant as a joke, but many a true word is spoken in jest :blush:

Quad Cortex mini

In terms of switching capabilities, this model even surpasses the original QC, it lacks only the second expression pedal, but received AUX combined with a optical input toslink-mini, In the case of using QC for the group, it will be convenient to direct the mix of the drummer into it. In order to save space, output 3-4 is built on a mini-jack, and is also combined with an optical output. Outputs 1-2 and send\returns made on the connectors TRS to save space. And of course, a USB host has been added for connecting flash drives. Perhaps more reliable will be the built-in card reader. And added a headphone volume knob there.

Quad Cortex Studio

Such a thing is suitable for those who prefer a processor on the table, and a midi controller on the floor. The headphone output and one of the combined inputs are moved to the front panel for convenience. The second espression pedal is back.The device is equipped with two analog volume controls (master and headphones) and 5 endless rotation encoders to control various functions. By the way, it is worth equipping them with capacitive sensors, which will work when touched and immediately display the controlled value, without rotation.

Dual Cortex

The model is simpler, has one microphone preamp and two stereo paths. Since there is place, it may even make sense to return the second expression pedal to him.

Cortex Uno

I just could not stop :grin:

But seriously, @Doug, maybe after a successful launch of QC, after people try out the product, you should think about such options, maybe even through crowdfunding, I’m ready to be the first to queue up for Cortex Studio :blush:


This is awesome! Our entire focus is Quad Cortex now, but we have lots of ideas for the future!

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It seems that now, when the BOSS GT1000сore appeared, this topic has become especially relevant. Developers have finally grasped the desire of users to have a powerful effects processor in a compact body, it is surprising and wonderful that BOSS did not make a cut-down, almost unusable and inflexible device like HX Stomp from LINE6, but fit their flagship into a tiny box, only slightly reducing switching capabilities (although they made two inputs, making it possible to process 2 instruments!)
When NeuralDSP puts a device like this on its roadmap, don’t follow the LINE6 example. Make a compact flagship, and surpass BOSS, keep all the switching of the original QC (or better, as William suggested, improve by adding optical channels and aux)


even if I do agree, the Quad Cortex seems perfectly size to me.
I was lookin for something portable, and this seems to fit perfectly.

And I like having more than 3 switces (I look at you HX stomp, gt1000core and FX3, not you Gigboard with 4 switch you just above average)

I mean, yes its bigger than these units (maybe not the gigboard) but it is much more complete!


I’d be all on board of a way to have my QC patches at home, be it via a rack unit or by plugins.
Having another QC at home is not a perfect solution to me only because desk space is not abundant but if it goes on a rack I have the space for it.