My QC flies alone

Spain. Its very hot now. Yesterday liters of sweat fell from my head while playing. and, where did it fall?, on my valuable quad Cortex. Well, once I noticed a change in the sound of my guitar, only one scene was changed. I thought, well I’ve hit a pedal without realizing it. The second time, the quad cortex, asked me to change the name of the scene … I’m scared. Three possibilities: 1) The QC comes to life. 2) He has AI that I didn’t know about 3) SWEAT Doesn’t suit him. Well when I bathe in beer, which is what I usually do in gigs …

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The touchscreen probably detected the drops as touch input. Capacitive touchscreens mainly “recognize” the water in our fingers because it changes the electric field (simplified).

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I have to buy an umbrella hehehehe
Or lock unit at gigs (I think it might be possible)

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Locking the Touchscreen (and the main volume wheel) is pretty straight forward:

(screenshot from the manual)