More song-specific presets

Is this okay so?

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Hey rudiratlos how are you changing presets with forscore? I tried but I was short of a couple of messages in forscore to select the proper preset in QC

I’ll answer you tomorrow or on Friday when I have a little bit time.

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Hey Paolo, sorry for the delay. Here the description for changing presets with forscore:

With the program change I switch on the desired presets on the Cortex.I use the Scene Mode, i.e. usually I use approx. 1 - 3 different Scenes for a song. The program change only changes the preset assigned to each song. I change the Scenes used in the song with the foot switches on the Cortex.
What do I need for this:
Using Yamaha MD-BT01 Wireless Midi Adapter (into the corresponding midi jacks of the Quad Cortex) at thomann currently 44 €.

installed on Ipad: Forscore and Midiwrench (free app in appstore) (with which the connection between ipad and the adapter is established). This connection must be re-established each time under menu item “Bluetooth Midi”.

set a specific Midi Channel on the Cortex under Settings/Midi Settings.
in Forscore click “i” for the respective song at Metadata go to “Midi” and “send” with “+” insert “program change”.
For the program change you need the four-digit number code:
Column 1: the midi channel selected at the Cortex
column 2: 0 (zero) (why I don’t know) works anyway
Column 3: The number of the used setlist (is written on the left side of the directory cortex window in small letters in the respective folder symbol)
Column 4: Number of the desired preset (right in the directory cortex window; be careful to enter 0 (zero) for preset 1A -1 in each case)

So far the whole thing works stable and reliable. Just don’t forget to reactivate the midi connection in the app Midiwrench under Bluetooth Midi if a device was switched off,
Since I play keyboard for half of our repertoire, I use Forscore to switch my sounds also on the Nordstage at the same time, following the same pattern. Absolutely cool and relaxed: I swipe to the next song in my song list on the Ipad and the matching sounds on the Cortex and Nordstage are immediately available.
Hope this helps


Thanks a lot the columns part was exactly what I was looking for.

I think I know what column 2 does now, elect 0 and you can choose presets 1-128 (so up to 16H), choose 1 and you can choose 129-256
I’ve made a little Short about it thanks a lot for the help


another song specific preset: Chasing cars from Snow Patrol.
In the meantime I’ve uploaded 7 song specific presets:
How you remind me/ Chasing cars/Nothing at all/Torn/Tage wie diese/Keith Richard/Run to you

Neural DSP Technologies - Algorithmically Perfect (username wrudolf)

Suggestions and ideas for improvement are welcome.

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Awesome - thanks for posting. I intend to do the same thing with an app called Stage Trax. Right now I’m using the song/setlist feature in the FM9 to change presets when performing and I really need to have the QC do the same thing, especially with the challenges of switching between modes. Using MIDI from an app to set the preset would tick a lot of boxes for me and make managing presets loads easier.

I’ve just uploaded some new song-specific presets:
Purple rain (Prince)
Supergirl (Reamonn)
Santana (for Samba pa ti, Evil ways, Oye como va, Black magic woman)

Have fun!


two more song specific presets uploaded:

an improved version for Bryan Adams “Run to you”
Couldn’t get it right (Climax Blues Band)

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