More intuitive way to delete a splitter

We were just discussing this in the Discord. Nobody seemed exactly sure how it was supposed to work, probably dragging S or M icons to the left or right, but either way there’s room for a more intuitive method of deleting a splitter line.

If that could be included in the manual somewhere, it’d save a LOT of questions. That’s one of the most commonly asked issues in the other forums.


since the ‘drag M to S’ approach doesn’t work anymore, and the only way to delete a Splitter is the mysterious process of dragging S to the Input block and M to the Output block, how about making this feature request specifically: “Add ‘delete splitter’ function to the main 3-dot menu?”


I had difficulties deleting the splitter as well.
In the end I managed to delete the splitter but could not tell how I did it.
I also found no tutorial about it.

I always hesitate do add a splitter because I’m not sure if I can delete it in a hurry or not :-/