Deleting splitter from preset?

So, cannot find how to delete splitter from preset.
Thanks for any info!

I’ve wondered this as well as how to move a splitter. It isn’t as intuitive as I thought. Help appreciated for his and my question, since they are related.

Long-press on the split line to select it;
then drag the S icon of the splitter to the left, all the way to the input block. Drag the M icon of the mixer all the way to the right, drop it on the output block. It’ll be gone when you click back into the grid.

To move it, do the same but drop the S and M icons where you want the lane to split and then rejoin.

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Thanks man! :slight_smile: I will try today.

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Another way that worked for me is by adding a block to the splitter and then deleting that block, it should automatically remove the splitter.

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