Modulations need to be improved


What do you think of modulation FX? I use them on bass and they sound very artificial… I think they would need to be improved.

I agree, for a high end modeler many of the modulations are sub standard… The Flanger has been flagged as a bug so hopefully that gets fixed and i quite like the Phaser but the Chorus is pretty crap in my opinion, I’m running two in Parallel just to simulate the “lushy swirl” that a quality Chorus should be able to produce.

The absence of Tap Tempo sync makes them all quite shit actually (imho)… nothing wreaks of “amateur” like an out of sync modulation in my opinion… i’m sure there will be those that disagree but i personally haven’t used a modeler in the past 20 years that didn’t have sync capable modulations.

I agree. I suppose Neural will write down about it and will solve this in future updates…

Anyway, it is still a “newborn” multi FX board…

I am pretty sure that neural has planned improvement of the modulations. They can’ t even be syncronized to the tempo yet.