How to set up input level


I’m working with archetype Plini, and as with all VST I always have this question:
How to set up correctly the input level?

We know it will have many impacts on the tone:

  • input clipping
  • compression (from the compressor)
  • overdrive/boost pedals (unwanted?) saturation
  • amps gain stage

So how to make the best usage of input level? Which kind of instrument output level is expected by the plugin?
Is there an official procedure to calibrate it to a given guitar output level?

Thanks for sharing your mind about this topic! :blush:

Most of the time you only need to make sure you’re not clipping on the way in (from the guitar to the interface/from the interface to the Plug-In) while maintaining a healthy amount of signal. You also need to check the mic level in the cab section and the global output to avoid clipping. In both cases, you will see a gray indicator at the top of each meter when your signal is clipping.

Regarding Compression/Overdrive saturation, there are a couple of tips to get a better tone, like turning the gain on the overdrive pedal all the way down or avoiding the use of too much compression from the pedal with a heavy rhythm tone since it will raise the noise floor. These are not rules though, there could be certain cases that require exactly the opposite.


Sorry for late response. Ok nothing special to do apart of making sure the clipping indicators are not triggered.
Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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