Midi Thru don't copy from din-In to USB-Out

CorOS Version: 1.4.1

Having MIDI Thru to On
MIDI over USB to On
If I send Midi data to the MIDI input connector, I would expect to have these data copy to the USB Midi output, but this not the case.
The Midi data is only copy to the MIDI output connector.
I have my Ipad connected to my QC using bluetooth connector (MI.1) and the QC connect to my Macbook using an USB connection. I play midi guitar using Gig performer+Midi Guitar2+Some synths.
I would like to sent MIDI information from the Ipad (forscore app with button sending MIDI information) directly to Gig performer , but unfortunatly, I can’t do it with the Quad Cortex while it’s possible with my Helix Floorboard…

Hi @xtian.bonnin and sorry to hear you are having issues with MIDI thru support.
Unfortunately, MIDI thru is not supported yet for USB → DIN or DIN → USB as they are isolated from each other. There is a feature request to enable this support etc., but no ETA as of current.

Reference: MIDI Thru from USB to DIN