MIDI out power

I couldn’t find in the manual whether the MIDI implementation meets all MMA standards. Can support or someone who has received their unit tell me if there is power available on the MIDI out?

No power out on MIDI port

Funny thing about this. If you zoom in on the product photos at Sweetwater, the MIDI jacks are 5 pin. But at Long & McQuade (Canada) they are 7 pin.

Beta testers’ units had 5-pin jacks.

7 PIN would be necessary and that would be a major retrofit… and by the way MIDI out power supply would only be powering whatever its hooked up to… which would be another piece of MIDI controlled hardware?

Bluetooth MIDI device, which is plugged into both input and output, drawing power from the output.

No power on output is not uncommon - CME make versions to get power from elsewhere. Roland or Yamaha (can’t remember which) have one you put batteries into.

Another consideration is that power over MIDI would just require a bigger external power supply. 2A @12V is a pretty hefty power requirement without adding more draw to power a foot controller.

These bluetooth midi devices only draw a few milliamps, but I had a foot controller years ago that had battery or power over MIDI option. No device I tested could actually supply the current the controller needed and it always had to fall back on the battery.

my Rocktron MIDI Mate has the 7-pin power option and it works great. just feed the controller with the power it needs using the wall wart that came with it. the special 5-pin to 7-pin MIDI cable has a female power adapter plug on the 5-pin end. I just plug the wall wart into my Furman power conditioner and hook the 2 adapters together.