CME Widi Master with QC?

Hi guys,

I think about using the CME Widi Master with the QC.
Has anyone set this up succesfully?
Does the QC provides power through midi-out?

Thx a lot for your support!

Hi, I read somewhere that the QC does not provide power via MIDI. But I have not tried.

Read that too - but that was an old statement from 2021…
Hope that has been changed with one of the updates!

I’m just trying to avoid to buy the wrong stuff :wink:

I have a Widi master and it works. But you have to take over both plugs, which ended up being a dealbreaker for me.

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Thank you!
This helps a lot (as I will give it a try now) :blush::+1:t3:

The QC does not provide power over MIDI unfortunately.

Luckily, it does :wink: :+1:
Or let me put it that way: The “Widi Master” works totally fine at the QC.

I´m quite happy that I now get the right delay tempo for each song automatically through the “bandhelper” app that´s running on my iPad.
No tapping-in for every song! :slight_smile: :metal:

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But is it gettiing power from the QC via MIDI?

There´s no other power supply plugged in - so it needs to get the power through the midi-out socket…