MIDI - I want to turn on the QC FX Loop

I’m using a GigRig G3 with my QC. I have something in the FX Loop I would like to toggle on and off but the QC seems limited.

I want a Midi command that just does “TURN THIS ON” and doesn’t toggle. Is this possible?

My example… I have a noise gate in my QC effects loop that I would like to be able to turn on and off via my GigRig. I’m able to do this using CC to toggle foot switches, but it gets out of sync with a second midi switcher I use to enable the noise gate. I know this sounds confusing but in the end, I need to change two midi devices to turn on the noise gate. If there was a CC command to just turn on the footswitch without toggling so if I send that command again, it would remain on, I think that’s all I need. Most devices separate on and off by the cc number range, but it seems the QC just toggles on the same command.

Also, is there no to way carry footswitch status between presets? For example, if I have a footswitch engaged on one preset and the same device and stomp assignment exists in another preset, can I switch to that other preset and allow the footswitch to carry over its state leaving the button engaged even if it’s not engaged by default in the preset? Does that make any sense?

as far as I understand - currently none of the above is supported. Footswitches are only triggered by the CC number, not value so as you said you can’t have separate values for on/off (even though I 100% agree with you that’s industry standard).

Same for the second message - although perhaps as a workaround you can use the on-load midi messages from the midi settings so send a CC to turn on a footswitch once is loaded. You will need to try that but I feel it will also be a finicky solution.

Thanks for the response. I had the same thought on the second part. I’m going to give that a try tomorrow. Thanks!

Why don’t you use a gate in the QC? They work really well for me and having the effects loop on adds 2.5 ms of latency as well.

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The noise gate I use, the ISP Technologies Hum Eliminator has one feature I love. The 60 cycle hum eliminator works very well, especially with the bad electricity I have at my rehearsal space.

I’ve used the gate on the QC and it definitely works as a gate, but the hum eliminator is something I’ve grown to rely on for getting rid of that hum.

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I haven’t personally experienced any noticeable latency using the effects loops. Interesting.

Interesting indeed. I may have to revisit the FX Loop :grin:

The fx loop has and will always add a small amount of latency because D/A and A/D conversion as well as buffering is needed. That is the case in every digital device that as an analog fx loop.

Correct. Some other digital devices do it better than others though. Granted you don’t have a digital pedal in the fx loop adding additional latency. Example: Line 6 HX line adds 1.5-1.8 ms of latency when using fx loop. I guess it’s a matter of D/A and A/D conversion quality.

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