Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Suite Preset Thread

Let’s share our presets

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So I created tbe Master of Puppets tone preset for Mesa Suite using Rasmussen Fleming’s notes. (credit to LambChopper678 youtube channel):sunglasses:have fun
Master of Puppets (Rasmussen Fleming Notes).xml (5.5 KB)


Here is my Mayer Strat bread and butter tone.

Down the Middle Mayer.xml (5.5 KB)

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Rasmussen Notes-IIC+.xml (5.7 KB)
Here is another one from Rasmussen notes and Lamb Chopper videos. I used IIC+ and turned down the treble a little. My Fishman Tosin set is a bit more aggressive I guess.

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Messing with some grunge tones. Specifically the intro and main guitar for Mad Season - I Don’t Know Anything. Dope riff.

I Don’t Know Anything Intro and Main