"Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Suite Plugin " Trial through Quad Cortex

I am having some problems testing the "Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Suite Plugin " Trial through the Quad Cortex.

Is there some documentation how to set this up ? I get a very clipped tone coming through on the head set - almost muffled and sounds terrible for almost any preset that I choose.
I am assuming I have some configuration issue.

On the plugin Audio setting:

Audio Device type: ASIO
Audio Device: NeuralDSP USB Audio Device
Audio Output channels: to out1,to Out 2
Audio Input channel : Input 1
Sample rate : 48000Hz
Audio buffer Size :64 samples
MiDI inout devices :

On Quad Cortex:

Guitar INPUT 1:
Preset : Blank (input 1, output 1,2)

Is there any configuration I am missing to get this plugin to be set up properly ?

Please advice