Archetype: Tim Henson Presets Thread

Soo I know we are all probably deep in the thralls of learning the new plug in but I am curious to see what presets people have come up with! :smiley:

i’ve made a ton of presets for the plugin that sound exactly like the tones that tim himself uses
i was extremely disappointed with the factory presets that tim had made, especially the goat one, so i made my own version, which uses the same impulse response from the axe fx patch that they used on NLND, i can’t post attachments yet, but you can download them all here! Tatsu's Archetype Tim Henson Preset - Google Drive

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Dude yes! I totally agree, there are some very lack luster presets on there. I am dying to see other peoples presets like this to make what could have been!

Also just set these up and they are great!!! Thanks for this, you rock!

Nice work, but unless I missed something which ones are specifically for which DSP (most specifically Tim)? I only have Henson, Abasi, and Gojira. Thanks man!

I have a couple presets I’ve messed with and found figured I’d drop all 18 here! ENJOY!! (28.4 KB)