Merging captures. What do you think?

People make captures of amps without a cab, captures of amps with cabs or IRs “baked in”, captures of pedals, captures of amps with drive pedals “baked in”, etc.

Would it be technically possible to merge, let’s say, 3 blocks (pedal capture, amp capture, IR) into one capture block? Merging an amp capture with an IR shouldn’t be a problem since IRs are basically static high resolution EQs.

Possible benefits of capture merging could be lower latency after merging, fewer occupied block spaces on the FX lanes, maybe less CPU usage, …

Maybe not a highly required feautre, but what do you think?

It is possible.

But capture is not IR.
IR is not just EQ It´s EQ end phase over a certiain time. Like a short reverb.
IR does not contain none-linearities. Like creation of overtones (harmonic distortion).

Captures contains everything of the mentioned.

I think :slight_smile:

I dont think you will be able to merge and reduce latency or dsp - they’ll all need to remain independent. But maybe possible to “group” them into one block space somehow ?