Megadeth and QC

Hello again, how y’all doing?

Just wanted to share:
In a Instagram reel by Megadeth, they show the QC and it seems that now also Dave Mustaine is using it. At least that’s how I interpret the “DM” in the preset.

And since I’m a big fan of Megadeth and the QC, I am happy now.

Have a good evening!


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Now if we can get him to share his presets, That would be pretty awesome. For some reason though, Bands are sometimes very secretive about things like that.

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I remember seeing that a while ago regarding DM and Kiko’s presets are all on the cloud (currently).

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I think it’s not their current presets.
I remember Kiko’s guitar tech showing a preset with scenes a while ago.

Fortunately for the artists, tone is not just about presets but also in their fingers. Technique, attack, approach, guitar used, monitor and PA, etc., ensure that no two guitarists will sound exactly the same. It’s nice when the kids on the playground share though :grin:. Nailing the preset can get you a good part of the way there.

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