Make the "Midi hack" into an actual feature

For those unfamiliar with the “hybrid mode midi hack”:

Basically, you connect a midi cable from the QC to itself, which allows you to use midi to control the QC without an external controller.

This is a very flexible and powerful way to control the QC, and in particular allows an “informal” hybrid mode.
Plus, it frees the midi connectors to be used with other devices, so it’s an actual benefit over the current “hack”.

My suggestion is very simple:
Make it a feature.
Ditch the midi cable, and simply allow the QC to control itself using midi.

Not trying to be a couch expert, but it sounds like a very low hanging fruit: easy to implement, gives a LOT to the users.

I agree that there’s a lot to be improved upon with MIDI functions. However, can you clarify more about the QC controlling itself with MIDI (no cable)? Hybrid mode is coming any day now.

The upcoming Hybrid Mode is great, not saying otherwise! However:
First, in its current form, hybrid mode is limited to the specific structure of one row for scenes and another for stomps. This allows you to do whichever hybrid mode configuration you like.

Second, general midi control is more than hybrid mode, it allows you to do many things as:

  1. Change tap tempo BPM.
  2. Change mode
  3. Open/close looper

and every other thing midi is capable of doing…
Furthermore, every new midi capability that will be added to the QC will be relevant here.

It just means that up to connector and button limitations, it can nullify the need for an external midi controller.

Ideally, every block parameter should be able to be mapped to MIDI messages, and every footswitch and footswitch encoder should be able to generate different MIDI messages in each footswitch mode. This would give you the flexibility to use the switches and encoders for whatever you need. Something as full-featured as QC needs this level of control flexibility.