Loud Static

CorOS Version: 2.0.1

I have been running a drive pedal in each loop for a while. Since I updated to 2.0.1, I have had very loud static. Sunday morning, it was initially unusable on patch that before 2.0.1 was pretty quiet. So much static that even noise gate at board couldn’t tame it. Even when loops are not on, there was enough bleed to cause static. I tried different patch cables. I’m using Cioks power supply, so not dirty power. One of my pedals in the loop is a Klone, so I tried mythical drive model. When engaged, static was just as bad. Static was worst using factory chieftain capture 3. Had to switch to capture 2 just to get through Sunday morning, but the noise was still there. I have also had the loud static with the AC30 model as well.

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