Buzzing Issue

I just received my QC yesterday and I am trying out some presets. I am having an issue with a lot of buzzing. I have tried a p bass, jazz bass and a bass with humbuckers and it still buzzes. Using the noise gate helps, but it is still pretty bad. I am using the included power supply but intend on using my Cioks DC7 once I get either the Crux or splitter cables. I also have it plugged into a surge strip with a Morley Hum Exterminator. I am getting the the buzz both through headphones and also when I run an XLR out to my Focusrite interface. I never really had this issue with my pedalboard that consists of 7 pedals. Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, have you tried the ground lift function on either the in/output of the pulldown menu? I’ve found sometimes I need to turn it on/off depending on how I’m monitoring.

No change with the ground lift on the output and definitely worse when I turn it on, on the input.

I have buzz problems using headphones. QC is the first unit, that I’ve had noise problems… Helix, Kemper and Fractal have been silent in every usecase for me.

It is a shame. Hopefully NDSP gets the new Power Supply released #soon and hopefully that will fix these problems, that many of us have.

Keeping your QC connected to a grounded piece of equipment while using headphones seems to work for many users. I keep mine connected to my grounded FRFR while using headphones and don’t have buzzing issues. At least so far.

Same here, was pretty surprised coming from my silent Kemper to those noises.

I didn’t know about a new power supply that is coming, also hope it will solve problems and also some deal will be proposed to those who have already the QC (it seems like an hardware issue that we don’t have to pay for resolving that)

Upon further review, it appears the QC is only slightly more noisy than my existing pedalboard. Admittedly I am probably being more critical because of how much money it costs. Hoping it will help a little when I either get the Crux or splitter cables for my DC7. It may also be time to look at proper shielding for my basses.

contrary to popular belief, the power supply is not the cause of all noise issues. It probably sounds louder than your normal pedals because the output level is higher. It could also be coming from your instrument / pickups / em / room - does it go away when unplugging the input cable from the QC?

The power supply is the problem. It is not grounded and NDSP has admitted this. You have to connect the QC to another piece of grounded equipment. For me this is a huge disappointment as I only bought the QC for quiet practice with a very portable unit. However the unit is not so portable when I have to bring along an amp and plug the capture out into the amp to get a grounded QC.
It buzzes like mad if only used with power supply, guitar and headphones. My axe Fx II doesn’t do this and it is much older. I bought to replace the older axe Fx II but haven’t sold yet as not really happy with this issue. NDSP say they are working on an updated power supply so we just have to wait and see if it materialises. I really hope it does as this would be a selling point for me if it doesn’t.
I would suggest emailing NDSP support to get your name on the list for a replacement. The more requests they get the better chance we have of a solution.

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It sure can have an incidence but the problem is (for me and other, if i understood correctly) that with the same guitar, cable place etc… The QC is way more noisy than Kemper, Fractal, Helix etc… ans it shouldn’t be.

If you don’t want to wait for NDSP, you may have already seen the previous posts but the Globtek PS Digi-Key part number: 1939-1233-ND works nicely for around $24 shipped in the US. Much more robust and solved the grounding artifacts that some have experienced, note I didn’t have any of the noise related issues but wanted a spare PS just in case.

If you get it, it comes with three tips, use the larger yellow tip etc., also before you push the tip in, ensure the polarity is correct for QC (center negative).

At the very least, please email and see if they can help identify/resolve your issues.