Looper on/off

Hi there, it would be excellent if in the next update they include some way to activate the Looper while in scene or preset mode. greetings.

Already requested here:

You beat me to it.

Was actually accidental, I was removing some votes from less important stuff so I could vote for this.

Turns out I already had :wink:

My apologies if I made an inconsequential post, before moving on to Neural, I have used Fractal, Helix and Boss and they all have the possibility to activate the looper from the mode you are in, with one or a couple of buttons. which is appreciated, when you play live and use the looper.

I have 2 midi pedals, but they don’t work with the QC, because it doesn’t have the learn function, so to be able to use the looper live, I would have to buy another midi pedal.

That’s why I thought it would be an important topic

It is and it’s a very valid request.
It’s just that someone has already requested it, so there’s an existing thread.

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