Loading my personal IRs

I have a go to IR made by MBritt, which I would like to use with the Marshall and Friedman amp sims. The manual says you need to upload it to the cloud under your account. It will then appear on the QC when your’re logged in.

Sofar, I was not able to find the “cloud” under my NDSP account. Is this still under construction, or am I missing something ? Is there any way to upload my own IRs at this time ?

Thanks. Cheers, Todde

You gotta click on your little account icon at the top. There’s a link that says “My IRs” or something to that effect. Then you can upload or drag/drop them.

I have the same problem like ExAxeFx and I did it like UglyBunny described. First I logged in my Neural Account on their website and uploaded my IRs from my computer to my fractal account by drag and drop. There are 256 possible slots for IRs. Everything is fine. But in my QC I can’t find a possibility to transfer the IRs from the Neural Account to the QC?? The Wifi Connection is successfull. If I tap on “settings” and “my account” there’s only the “unlink device” button or the backup buttons but nothing to do a IR transfer… Can somebody tell me how I would get the IR transfer done?

I think you have to go to the library, by clicking on the preset name while on the default view, and then you can scroll down on the left menu until you find “IRs on the cloud” or something like that

You then load then in your preset using the cab block. Click the mic arrow until you bring up load IR. Then you cab choose from what you have uploaded.

Thanks guys I now successfully downloaded the IRs in my directory of the QC! :grinning: Then I opened a preset and clicked on the cab block. But I couldn’t find the mic arrow to load the IR… The only way I found to change the cab is to click on the cab setting, then “change device”, then click on cab and select a new cab. But there’s nothing to see of Ir’s :thinking:

Click the mic and scroll to the last entry. Load IR

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I finally got it.
The day I started the thread I had logged into my NDSP account. There was no such “cloud” or “IR” feature under my account. I logged in again today and there now is a IR tab. So I uploaded the IR to the account. In the QC I downloaded the IR via the library, where it showed up and - voila ! - the IR showed up as a microphone in the cab block. So all well now. Thanks to all that chimed in.

Cheers, Todde

Now I got it. Thanks bshaw92 for posting the pic! :relaxed: :+1: