Can’t Upload IRs To Account

Hey everyone,
Just got my QC yesterday. I am trying to add some custom IRS to it. I have followed the instructions from Neural to login to my account on their website however when I do and a I click on my account I do not see an option for IR library. I have linked my QC to my account and have been able to upload presets and captures from the amp. Can anyone tell me why the IR library is not showing up?

Hi @UrGreenWithEnvy and welcome to the community!
Once you sign in to the cloud: Neural DSP Technologies - Algorithmically Perfect from the upper right hand of the page you would simply select ‘My Profile’ and then select ‘My Files’ and you will see ‘Impulse Responses’. From there you can browse to your IRs and upload to the cloud.


Hope that helps!

Awesome! Works now. Thank you!

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Glad to help! Enjoy!