List of IR sites (paid &/or free)

To the community, could you post a link to find/purchase/acquire IR’s? Maybe tag instrument of choice as well (i.e guitar/bass). This could include software too. Was thinking this could be a resource for us all.


These have been my favorite so far for guitar

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York audio have some great IRs as mentioned above. You can also get a sample free:)

free acoustic instrument IRs:
New Vintage Audio: Impulse Responses - New Vintage Audio

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York Audio are the best.

I’ve tried so many out there… Lots of great choices out there! Ownhammer and ML Sound Lab have some good ones, among others…

But York Audio are the best for me. They are the most open and organic sounding one’s.
Once I started using them, everything else sounded compressed in comparison.

IRs really make or break a sound… definitely worth the investment, imo.

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I’m producing my IRs since years (previously only licensing, 2 years that I switched to selling by myself).

Giacomo Pasquali Store

My general key word is: “open sound, true studio experience”.

I have a professional recording studio and I’m a session guitarist and a mixing engineer (just to give you an introduction on myself) :slight_smile:

Whatever question, I’m here.

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I’d say ownhammer’s latest essentials packs are better than York Audio. YA are decent but I found them slightly muddier. Also Ownhammer, like some others, label the IRs so you know what they’re good for which helps as a starting point when choosing what you want.

For the bass players…

This list is growing…

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some really nice and unusual ones here for free:

@Teatime48, how would you say the new Ownhammer IRs compares to YA captures?

What I like about York Audio compared to most other is they sound more raw, more open… less compressed. Some other popular IRs sound perhaps too much mix ready as in a HPF and/or LPF has been applied to them. But I don’t want my sound to sound like I’m playing on an process album, but like I’m actually playing guitar (if that makes sense)

Do you have any trial packs we can try? :smiley:


I’ll give the free pack a shot and perhaps take advantage of that 30% deal to grab a few! Cheers

I wouldn’t say they’re particularly processed, more that there’s blends which are then named. The bogren digital ones are definitely more processed, not that they’re bad either. I like the Ownhammer ones because I prefer getting IRs where there’s a description of what it is and gives you some idea to narrow your search. The YA ones just go mix01, mix02, etc. so it’s a bit of a crap shoot. Naming the files like “thick” or “more edge” or “mooth”, “creamy” or whatever is so much better and gets you there faster. Also the newer “essentials” packs are much better than what they had previously. I have the Rect Essentials and the Modern Progressive Essentials but there are others. To add to this, I think there is a massive difference between using an IR playing normally in your room or whatever than using one in a mix.

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Thanks for that thorough explanation.

Ownhammer’s were my favorite IRs when I started using IRs a few years ago.
I had since then moved to a few others and finally to only York Audio.

I tried @giacomopasquali free packs, absolutely love the Bogner 412 one in there, so I bought his Bogner pack. Loved it so much and I bought his Recto 412 and both his Marshall (Blackback and Greenback) packs and WOW. They are on par with York Audio in terms of openness…

Definitely check these out.

There’s isn’t many mixes in the packs, (like the Marshalls have about 11 and the Bogner and Recto only have about 6… but they are all great and easy to go through)

I also prefer a naming convention similar to Ownhammer. But only having to go through a few mixes is easy, especially when they all sound great. It was easy for me to find my favorite ones.

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Yeah the older Ownhammer ones were the ‘go-to’ ones at the time and I think the York Audio guy used to work for them. I agree the YA are good but probably more for live. I actually have a UAD OX Box so I use the cab emulations in there quite a lot as well. The GGD VST for V30s and Zilla cabs is really good too and you can export them once you’ve blended everything yourself. In relation to the Ownhammer ones it was really the Sonic Drive youtube vids which led me to getting them initially and they’re reasonably priced. Maybe watch them and decide if it’s worth it.

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Thanks so much!
I really appreciate your words!

I spent so much time through these years searching for the “missing thing” in most of the things I used and I’m so proud of my work :slight_smile:

Yeah, definitely naming it’s something I’ll revision in the coming months!
Mixes depends from the number of microphones used to capture the speak itself. Back in the first IR packs I used few microphones to adapt an even more “less is more” approach, than I started capturing way more microphones and so, more mixes!

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Since some years I produce my own IRs and I sell them on my store:

I‘m using York Audio IRs and i‘m getting a very very quiet but audible delay (of course without an engaged delay pedal). The stock plugin IRs are not producing such an „echo“ … very weird! Any ideas to solve this? :thinking:

All free stuff 'cause I’m a cheap bastage. Apologies in advance if some links no longer work. I’ve had this list for a while.


Here’s another for the bass players

Tried these… sound great.

thanks for this post! great idea ill keep it bookmarked!