IR suggestions for QC

Hey All,
Really loving my QC and have been recently curious about adding IR’s. I don’t own any and never tried any. I know Celestion has a bunch and more independent companies like ML SoundLabs.
Looking for quality over quantity and just solid sounds, nothing particular or too extreme metal.
What do you guys like and use especially related to using in QC obviously.
Thanks for your time,

I’m producing a lot of high quality IRS in my studio.
If you want, take a look on In any case I’m here for any additional info if needed! :blush:

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You can of course take a look at the IRs from Michael Britt.

Go for York Audio. They’re affordable and probably
The best around. Other good ones are kohle and bogren digital but they’re more for metal and mix ready.

+1 for York Audio.

I have started making my own IR’s though. If anything it’s taught me more about which IR’s to select.

Watch some amp recording videos to understand microphone combinations and positions. E.g. I have found that I like a SM58/Royer 121 combo the best on my Mesa cab.

Tried a 421, SM57 and a few other mics but the 58/121 combo is the best mix for my cab.

Very cool, I’ll check these out, thanks guys!