List of factory presets

Is there a convenient list of the factory presets? Just a short description would do
Which are for bass ?
What amp are they focused on ? Etc

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Great idea, I would also like to see a list of factory presets! If somebody has already done tweaking they would be a nice way to start using QC (still waiting for mine… :slightly_smiling_face:)


Cool Xush
Can you lead an editable (or at leas one where I can copy names from) version then I can add descriptions for some of the presets I use and make a complete list together

Thank you @xush ! :+1:

I’m not rush but here’s a version you can copy and edit


Hi here is a list view format. As you se I play bass and like the Roland JazzChorus 120 ;).
Feel free to share and update yourself. If you ad information to the file you are welcome to ad an updated version to this thread. If you make major changes make a new sheet so everyone can follow the changes.
If the previous google doc gets editable I will continue with that link so we do not have multiple documents.

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Wow, I was just wondering if there’s JC120 presets to start with, thank you so much Powerplant! :grinning:

Next I´d like to find out if there’s any factory presets of Hiwatt DR103, something similar to Hipover brilliant in Axe FX.

…well, and I´d like to get my QC! :joy: