Latencycheck with Logic and QC

Hi all,
I tried to do an recording latencycheck with the QC. Just like I do with all my audio interfaces. When doing this with the UAD Apollo, I connect in1 with out 1 and insert the I/O module from the utilities menu set the I and O and ping it, which gives me a latency of

Now when I try to do the same thing with the QC I get no ping and no value i.e. nothing is happening when I press ping.
What are you guys using in the logic audio prefs ?
I need this because then I can, as I do with the apollo , compensate for it in Logic and know that what I played is where it was played and not X ms later…
cheers for your tips.

Did you use a preset connecting in1 to the the output you’re using on the QC?

well I use i1 and it goes to out 1+2. I’ve also tried 3+4 since that’s not XLR, but no luck so far…

What I meant is do you have a preset with an empty line running from input 1 to the output? Do you get sound in the present you’re running if you connect something on the input?

@zobeleye - Hey if you’re still having issues please email for assistance. Thank you!

Thank you, but it’s not me that has the issue

My bad! Responded to the wrong person :sweat_smile: