Latency "solved"

@HonestOpinion but there are no administrators so we tag them and they see that the problem exists and is it serious!?

you can email the support, and link the forum discussion.
Then, I think that their explanation here would be a good thing

@HonestOpinion @Ringo it’s practically like having a Lamborghini and not being able to go more than 100km/h!


@DavideAru but we will succeed!!! :rocket:

There are Neural eyes and moderators responding to this issue on the forum although contacting support directly is the most effective method for addressing issues.

I suspect this will be a big year for Neural as they clear some of the big hurdles (editor, plugin-on-device, marketplace, etc.) and are able to shift more development cycles onto other things. I don’t feel as if we are being ignored, just that requests are being prioritized. Glad to see some attention from the community on latency reduction. It’s one of those under the hood things that doesn’t make the car any prettier, just a lot more fun to drive.


I’ve just linked this topic to the support email :wink:

I really hope for these improvements :

reduced latency
swapping presets into playlist
an output level also for delays
better reverb algorithms
properly unity gain of FX Loops
fastest presets changes

Takes time but in Neural DSP we trust !


off topic
info for all,
i don’t know them personally,
but Andrea “Ringo” Rigonat and Davide Aru are gtr player with high and great weight in italian music “scene”.
Very experienced musicians.
stop off topic =)


This is posted under a feature request for QC, not a bug. If this is a probable bug, please email for resolution. Also, please do not tag NDSP staff unless they post within this thread, otherwise all tags will be removed. I have forwarded the latency testing/diagnostics to NDSP support staff etc. Thanks!

@MP_Mod Thank You!

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@Ringo good job!

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@Niksounds thank you !

exactly @Ringo for me too these are the priorities!

anyone has a SPECIFIC preset on row 1 and 3 that causes 10ms of latency to share?
I have built a personal diy analog splitter with 2 outs (with decoupling transformers on outs) and i want to try
to measure this behaviour on my unit with the two lines in parallel

Thanks in advance, i’ll post here my result on the specific preset.

10ms and under is generally regarded as acceptable for everything including vocals, although some people will notice it in a vocal performance. For guitarists or bass players, a small amount of latency is something we deal with literally every time we pick up the instrument due to distance from the speakers. It’s probably still noticeable with a click a headphones or close-proximity speakers, but I’m not so sure it’s enough to disturb a performance in most cases.

But that’s just me. Back when I was first fiddling with digital models, I’d use my PC to load amp models and learned to be okay with closer to 50ms of delay because my laptop was a toaster and I’d play along with quite a few effects that utilized lookahead in the DAW. Dunno what led me to believe 10ms of lookahead on a compressor and another 10ms on a limiter while playing along was a good idea, but I digress. Just because I forced myself through that abysmal trench of a scenario doesn’t mean it’s a good idea and doesn’t mean it’s feasible in many cases. :joy:

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I have a 9.75ms preset for you.
You need to follow me to be able to grab it.
(I just followed you a minute ago)

It’s here, dunno if you can grab it (I made it public)

In the weekend i’ll try to measure
My path Will be
Guitar-- analog splitter
Out 1 – cubase 12
Out 2 – qc with your preset with all on – cubase 12

I Will post my difference on two armed tracks

Also i think that blocks on or off doesn’t introduce CPU load…they are Always loaded…then Better all off as you native patch to better compare

Some kind of phase compensation would be ideal in the next big release.

Just got my bug report post approved concerning Row 3 & 4 latency.

Check it here

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Yes, when I did some tests a while ago, I noticed that turning on/off the blocks did not affect latency, like you said, they are always loaded.