Differences between Neural Captures and More Beginner Question


  1. So I bought a bunch of Captures, I guess, and How can one know if it’s a nerual capture of a cab , an amp or both (is both even possible ?? )

  2. I wasn’t able to completely understand what the difference between the following (except that M probably means Mono and ST means Stereo) :

I hope someone could help me out.

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If you purchased captures, the seller should be able to indicate if a capture is DI and or includes a cab baked in etc. Also, look at the icon used which will indicate if DI, combo, head and cab etc.

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can you please explain what a DI capture is ?

a DI capture (Direct Input) is the amplifier only, no miked cabinet. This allows for the flexibility of choosing your own cabs.

Captures including the cabinet, made by connecting a microphone to the QC, have 2 categories they can fit under: combo (amp+cab) or ‘full rig’ (amp head connected to cabinet). Not exactly sure why NDSP made those 2 distinctions, especially since their factory captures do not seem to follow the Icon matching scheme.

If the creator hasn’t attached a description or assigned an icon type, best bet is to earball a capture to determine whether it was DI or a ‘full rig’ including cab.


DI = direct input. A direct capture (or DI) would be direct from an amp without a cab attached. Using a DI capture allows you to use whatever cabs you desire.

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Thank you guys.