Knob Rotation Clearance

Hey everybody,
I just received my unit via Thomann preorder. Overall I‘m very happy with the device but I‘m a bit disappointed by the quality of the rotational knobs.
Every knob seems to have a different clearance; some engage directly with the „rotational mechanism“ while others have a „resistanceless deadzone“ of up to ~30 degrees in each direction until the mechanism engages.

All over the internet I read that the knobs are ultra durable and high-end.

Does anybody have similar issues or is my unit simply a lemon?

Best regards

I‘m not sure I get you right. Can you be even more specific? Sorry …
Do you mean they won‘t „engage“ in software or hardware? Do you mean some click after up to about 30 degrees or the unit reacts to them after 30 degrees?

For me I sometimes find that the software not always registers the first one or two rotational „clicks“ of the hardware knob. But for me they all at least feel the same from a hardware perspective. I need to state that this is only true for rotation. Mine feel a little different when pushing them.

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Many thanks for your reply, I wanted to say, that some knobs have a „deadzone“ where you can rotate them freely without feeling them clicking.

Wie ich sehe kommst du ja auch aus Bayern :smiley:
Die Drehknöpfe haben alle unterschiedliches Spiel beim Drehen bevor man es das Klicken spürt. Bei manchen greift der Drehmechanismus sofort, bei dem lockersten kann ich den Knopf je ca 30 Grad im bzw. gegen den Uhrzeigersinn hin und her wackeln bevor der Drehmechanismus greift. Und da wollte ich mich mal erkundigen, ob das normal ist. Beim Drauftreten haben die Knöpfe auch einen etwas unterschiedlichen Widerstand, da stört es mich aber nicht so sehr.

Best regards

I have the same issue. Not happy with the switches at all.
The lack of consistency is killing it. There is a play of 30 Degrees (“F” switch).
It shouldn’t have passed QC at all.

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Thanks for your reply! Intererstingly with my unit it’s also the “F” Knob that has the most play.


Many thanks for the Video. My knob is exactly the same!

Does anyone else have similar issues?

Yes. Facebook quad cortex user group. About 6 users reported the same issue. It’s a low mumber though…

you must turn the knob, not just the paper!

(its a joke, you should contact support)

Haha you almost got me there :slight_smile:

Yes. My local will replace my unit.

Fingers crossed.

Mine has the same issue. Is this something that can be calibrated?

I don’t think so mate. It’s an awesome device, but unfortunately the play in those knobs makes the device feel cheap. Not everyone is reporting this issue, makes me believe we picked the short straw.

I just checked my knobs. I definitely have a couple that have more play than others as far as feeling loose turning before the click engages. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I didn’t read this post but not sure if it’s worth an exchange.

I’m waiting on the ground noise issue to be addressed. If that’s not fixed with the new power supply (mine has this issue), then I’ll ask for an exchange.

I believe it’s something you can live with (the dead zone between clicks). However, Don’t you feel cheated? If all the knobs behaved the same way, i would call it normal because it would have some consistency, but some are perfect and some aren’t. Do you accept this lack of consistency in a super expensive device?
This isn’t the right way to achieve excellence at all. Imho

What do you think?

I agree but there’s not extra ones available right now. Wait a month or two and see if their quality control gets better. As I said I’m also waiting for a ground noise resolution on my unit.

I think I might have mistaken the error and thought I had it.

Tested every actuator last night by slowly turning them and found that each notch or click on rotation = 0.1 so they are working fine.

When I was in the middle of turning them quickly they seemed to not be responding but it may have just been my perception. Others might have different experiences though.

After the first click and keep turning to the same direction = Fine
Have you tested : Turn left, click then turn right, click?


Same issue here. I think it is not very important, but there is it. Any Neural official response?

Again mine has no problem turning left and right to click the increments as it’s supposed to. I think the complaint here is that some of the knobs have too much “play” in them in that they can be twisted left or right a little bit before each click.

Precision, repeatability and consistency are very important when manufacturing a product. This gives all the customers the same “user experience”.

I believe that a little bit of slack is acceptable. However anything beyond 10/15 degrees shouldn’t be acceptable at all. If you don’t mind the slack, it’s your problem and good on you, but think about it. Imagine you buy a brand new car and there is a massive amount of play in the steering wheel? It will turn left and right. Will you be happy though? What would you say to the dealer?

Now. Before you say: “Don’t compare a car with a quad cortex”. I will answer this:
You bought a super expensive product and you expect: “Precision, repeatability and consistency”
Precision and consistency are missing…

Don’t get me wrong. The device is amazing! Sounds fantastic! User interface is 100%! However that mechanical issue can never be fixed with a software update. I do believe it’s a massive overlook…
Just my 2c…