QC Metal Grinding Noise/Feel When Twisting Footswitch Knobs

Hi all,

My QC unit has a few footswitch knobs that exhibit a terrible mechanical grinding sound and feel. This only happens on a few of the knobs and the rest all feel smooth but with the little tactile bumps when twisting, which I’m assuming is how they are supposed to feel. I contacted support about this, and the person said that his unit does this too and apparently it is normal for the knobs to feel this way? I can’t believe, for an almost two-thousand-dollar unit, that this is the case though especially since most of the knobs feel fine. These knobs are almost unusable and hard to turn compared to the other knobs, and very hard to be precise with them as there is no tactile feedback to feel the increments when turning almost like something is broken with them.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I have attached a video of the problem with the first knob being one that feels good, and the second one being one that exhibits my issue. I see that there has been another post about this, but that was a while ago and has been locked, and I would still like to talk about this issue with others who might be experiencing it.

It looks the encoder knob is lose. You could always exchange for a new unit with your reseller if needed.

Was thinking of exchanging the unit although with this happening on multiple knobs I’m not sure that this won’t be a problem with a new unit as well especially since support said this is normal apparently. This is why I was wondering if anyone else has this issue.

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