Just got the QC and can't play music or anything through as a normal interface, any suggestions?

Just got the QC, updated the unit, installed the USB drivers, etc. and can’t play music or anything through as a normal interface, any suggestions? Laptop recognises the unit but when i play music on spotify nothing through monitors. I have installed the drivers too. Was so much easier on my focusrite.

Almost positive you don’t have your outputs set correctly. Take a look at the manual for details but you need to use the correct USB output interfaces when using USB audio.

To add, also depends on how you plan to monitor etc. (e.g. headphones, XLR out etc)

The QC has more interfaces and I/O than your Scarlett but once you learn the basics it will become just as easy to use.

Geezes I’ve tried everything. From the the swipe-down I/O screen Im getting input signal through USB IN 1/2 from the laptop which is good and then I’m getting signal to the two XLRs 1 and 2 but I’m plugged into TRS outs 3 and 4 where there is no out signal. I thought these could also be used for monitor outs? Can this be changed?

As I understand it this is (currently) not possible. The manual says:
“If Quad Cortex is selected as the main audio device on your
computer, you will hear the computer audio through Quad Cortex
Outputs 1/2 and Headphone Output.”

Sounds to me as if you cannot route the computer signal to outputs 3/4. Maybe you could set up a lane on the grid with input USB (from your computer) and output 3/4 to route your PC signal through, but that seems a bit like a hack.

Not sure if this could be changed by a software update, but I think getting PC audio through the TRS outs would be a nice feature for many people who want to replace their interface by the QC.

There are no routing options i the QC when used as an USB audio interface. It works like an extension of the computer audio system, wherein you set the I/O routing.
In a DAW and more advanced audio programs you can route to any of the 8 channels. However most bread-and-butter audio applications (system audio for web/youtube, some mp3 players etc), have no routing options and can only output to channel 1 and 2, which are passed through USB to the QC and output 1-2.
Can be solved on Mac/PC with 3rd party audio routing apps.

For Windows, I have the PC set to QC for main speaker out and for recording. Make sure (for PC) to open the QC control all (bottom right in Windows) and uncheck safe mode. Make sure your DAW is set for 48Khz. To record audio using QC as an interface, on QC set output to multi/or USB3/4. Set track input to 1/2 for dry or 3/4 for wet etc. You can also use QC OUT 3/4 to monitor , I have mine going to mixer etc., using regular 1/4” TS cables.

With this setup, I can listen to YT, play along etc., and record while listening to tracks etc.

The only thing that works for me with using the QC as an interface is playing YT and computer sound through Out 1 & 2 to my studio monitors and I route the guitar output to Out 3 hooked to an FRFR speaker. So far so good. Now when I try to play a Neural DSP Plug in standalone (input set to Input 1 on the QC and output to USB 7/8) through a barebone preset (USB 7/8 In - Out 3) it works on some presets and others it screeches like amplified fingernails on chalkboard. Also using QC with my DAW (Studio One 5) is unusable. Setup the device for Input 1 as the DI signal and USB 3 as the ‘wet’ signal, again fingernails/chalkboard.

Thanks. Yeah after reading the manual a bit more carefully (I don’t think it is very clear in general) I figured the same thing. It’s fine, I’ve just ordered two female XLR to TRS cables so will be using 1/2 outs and then can use 3/4 outs for something else or when needed. I still think they should make this fairly explicit in the manual lol, took me an entire evening.

Thanks. I figured this out after reading a bit more carefully as it’s not particularly clear. I’ve just ordered cable to use those outputs instead which is fine.

Thanks. Yeah I think on the recording side the apps have the capability to select outs, etc. I’ve just ordered cables, etc. to use 1/2 as I think as a permanent thing it will just make sense. Anyways thanks for the reply.

That’s a bit weird. I haven’t actually recorded anything with it to be honest but I’ll be using Reaper when I do. The only thing I can think of with your issue is that you may have a recurring loop going on which tends to give that crazy noise. I’m sure someone else more knowledgeable can chime in.

Depending on how or what you are monitoring, you may get a nasty tone if you are somehow sending into a loop. Try disable monitoring (use your headphone on the QC) to monitor. If you don’t hear the artifacts then it’s something with the method with how you are routing on your DAW.

Also using Studio One and no issues. I like to use my XLR outs for monitoring which I have going into my PA mixer.

Am I creating a loop if I route to my DAW through the QC via USB and then monitoring back through the QC out 1 & 2?

So QC Input 1-> USB 3 - > DAW - > USB - > QC Out 1 & 2

Update - Turned off Safe Mode on the usb driver in the Windows Tray and works perfectly now!

Awesome! Glad to hear it!

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