Add more Amp Models

I would like to see some new high gain models rather than captures.

Mesa Boogie 2c+ or JP2C
Rev Generator Red or Purple
Engl Savage / powerball
Marshall JVM 410

Mesa Boogie Triaxis……


I’d like to see some Orange and Hughes and Kettner amp models. And Suhr.


I’d like some dumble-esque models
Tworock, Fuchs, Ceriatone etc.


I`d like to see the existing (supposed to be cleaner) models esp. Fender amps to be improved in responsiveness and gain behaviour. At present they do not react like the original amps and their gain breaks up too early.


How about some low gain vintage amps. Old combo amps like Silvertone, Gibson, Supro, Gretsch, etc from the 40s, 50s and 60s.


Cornford Amp :heart_eyes:
VHT and Fryette amps
Orange. !!
Blackstar (tube amp artisan, series one)


And if possible to put signature amps:
Randall NB King 100
Koch The Greg :heart:
Marshall YJM100


Agree. Would love a savage model, mesa dual rec and a rockerverb.

Victory amps. all of them!
i have the kraken, its amazing amp!


Marshall AFD100
ENGL Blackmore
Marshall 2203ZW

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Yes on the VHT/Fryette!! Very “dry” amps but amazing!

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I’d love an accurate ADA MP1 model

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I would also like to request a 5 band EQ that is based on the Mesa Boogie Mark EQ. I tried to buy the one mesa makes and its not in production any longer. Would love to have a digital version. For those of us with non EQ Mark series amps we can run it in the FX loop. I have somewhat accomplished this with the parametric but would love the “real” deal.

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Would be great to have a Mesa Mark IV model.

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Mesa Boogie Badlander 100 or 50
Hermansson modded Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Monomyth Skeleton Key 50

Hey! We appreciate all the suggestions here, but these long lists of desired amps are not very helpful for us in the feature requests forum because we cannot gauge which ones are the most popular requests.

It is much better if you create one thread per device you’d like, and do it sparingly so that you don’t use up all your votes! Then if/when we add it, we can mark it as resolved and you get your votes back.

As a reminder, you get 10 votes per trust level you have gained on the forum; level 0 = 10, level 4 = 50. You can read more about trust levels here.

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Thanks! Locking this thread so you get your votes back.