Is it best to avoid deep editing a downloaded capture?

With a downloaded Kemper profile, any deeper EQ adjustments begin to affect the tonal structure of the profile.
When building ground up with components (AxeFx), it’s ok to make deeper adjustments.

Is this also the case with a downloaded QC “capture” from the user community?
Should tweaks be minimal?

Also, can I try different IR’s with a downloaded capture?
Or is it similar to stacking a cab on top of a cab?


I’m of the belief of tweak or try anything until it sounds good to your ears.

I agree. Typically, the capture is made with specific settings obviously and ‘usually’ sounds best as is but nothing is stopping you from tweaking any parameter of the capture etc.

So far small changes do not seem to really mess anything up. A little treble and a little volume etc

Absolutely, reducing the gain works as well when required like if you want to add a drive block etc. I have found some captures that don’t behave well when those adjustments are made but you can always try it.

Actually, adding an EQ block works better to shape the capture tone if needed but whatever works the best for you as there is no right/wrong answer. Some work better than others and depends on the amp/pedal captured and how it was captured etc.


If there capture doesn’t have a cab baked in, you can try any QC can our third party ir. Changing mics or mic position can have a tremendous effect on the captured sound.

If the capture has a baked in cab, you can still try adding another cab or ir, but it would be like miking a cab and then sending that signal through another cab. No harm in trying!

I’m the kind of guy that thinks that you should not touch captures, maybe some volume, when I play my amps I set it for optimum, I don’t touch it after that, listening how the amp sounds, when it starts feeling sticky, I don’t like compression, besides some amps give better captures than others, when the amp starts losing hair in the capture, capturing amps alone can be tricky, I have ears, still working out how to get the best results, mic capturing is easier I think.