IR Loader requested feature

Very excited by the IR loader but I thing there is a missing feature. A mix knob would be an excellent addition (especially for acoustic players wanting to blend in an IR to their pick-up sound!)


Agree, and the Rotary block needs a Mix control too, to blend with the straight cab tone.

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in fact, I think Overdrives would also benefit from a mix knob! A powerfull yet simple tool!!!

Would using a split not accomplish this…?? Running straight amp/acoustic instrument on one grid line and putting an IR on the split grid line…then using the internal mixer to blend…

That would be the workaround… but a mix knob would be way simpler, don’t you think?

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Agreed - see this and vote!

Yes, I agree…!!

This would be especially helpful for bass players that dont want to run split paths

for what it’s worth, I’ve accomplished this before by using a flat IR in one side and a normal in the other. I know it’s not the same thing, but it does do the trick too

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