Intelligent harmonizer for quad cortex please

A harmonizer we can program for different tonalities in major and minor and being able to choose the interval of the harmonized would be awesome

I’m hoping this happens soon. I LOVE everything about my QC and an intelligent harmonize would complete the package. Besides, I had a TC G-System over 12 years ago and it had intelligent harmonization straight out of the box.


I wish we can have a nice harmonizer which could be as good as the Eventide H9.

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I went to add a harmonizer to my chain and was a bit surprised there wasn’t one available. I find the tracking on my pitch shift effects to be really musical and nice so assumed adding harmony to that would be pretty straightforward. Hope it’s on the way!


Hi @LGSM58 , please download the manual for a detailed list of amps, FX and NDSP captures that are available to you currently.