Installed Plini... now how to get it to Logic Pro X? Help

I’m new to the digital recording and plugin world… I bought the Plini and Nolly, installed it and Logic Pro X… Now how do I record my plugins in Logic?


Hi @mark-2076. Recording in Logic is pretty straight-forward when you know where to look.


Take a look at the top left corner in the DAW window. If you click on the “?” icon, you will see a little description when you put your mouse pointer over any place. Give it a try!

Setting up your recording session really boils down to a couple of steps:

  • Selecting your Audio Interface as the input and output device
  • Choosing the best Buffer Size (We recommend 128 or 256 samples)
  • Picking an input on your Audio Interface for your Logic Track. Make sure that input is the same where you have connected your instrument.
  • Load your Neural DSP plug-in in the Audio FX slots on your left.
  • Record-Enabling your Track in Logic, and Hitting Record .

Audio FX Slots :


If you can’t hear your instrument, make sure you have enabled the input monitoring on your track and in Logic itself.

Track :


Logic :


You can enable your input monitoring in the " Record" dropdown menu as well.

This can also help you: Logic Pro X manual.