Input 1 Level w/ guitar?

The QC has always seemed weirdly quiet compared to other modelers/my Tube Amp Expander, I struggle with levels (going from QC to Apollo Twin X interface to DAW).

With my Telecaster (vintage style single coil pickups), with IN 1 LEVEL set to 0db (1 meg resistance), an open chord strum peaks at around -30db - the only reference I’ve seen anyone make is that a single coil guitar would hit -15db at 0db. With a Fralin P90, a hard strum gets to ~-22db.

I’m curious if my levels sound about right?

Your levels sound right to me!

Initially, I was unsure how to set the Input level. Then I remembered someone posting something about single coils peaking at -15db, like you mentioned. So I boosted the input level significantly. However, this made every amp model distort way too early, and overall things sounded off. Then, thankfully, I set the input gain back to 0db, and voila, everything made sense. Now the amps and effects behave pretty much exactly like their real-world counterparts. I can pull up a Deluxe Reverb model, set it like I would set the real one, e.g. volume on 5, and get a nice fat clean tone with my strat.

Depending on the amp/capture I usually boost the output volume 3-10db (of the amp/capture block), otherwise the signal can be a bit quiet.

also is much quieter than my axe 3 unless I’m pushing the out3 up to -3 or -4 on the meter. I honestly struggle to keep up with band volume (on bass) into a 1000 watt power amp