Achieving Equal Input Between Guitars

My P90 guitar seems to fit perfectly with the QC. But I plug in my humbucker guitars and they seem to overdrive every amp model, hard to get a clean. My single coil guitars seem a bit tinie and thin. What are users doing about this? Kneeling down and changing Input Levels? Setting up different Presets per guitar? Running a compressor in front? If so what settings? Thanks!

Single coils generally output about 6db less than humbuckers, and P90s will be somewhere between. Many people seem to have presets with 4 scenes or snapshots with increasing degrees of gain, leaving 4 scenes spare. If you use this system, you could duplicate scenes 1-4 to 5-8 and then include a 6db boost at the start of scenes 5-8. That can be enough, but I often find that some EQ is needed as well. If so the 6db boost can be incorporated into an EQ block with EQ adjustments. However I do often prefer to change the amp parameters for gain, EQ, volume, etc, so you could use the other scenes to do that. Even so, I usually end up with different presets!

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There are a few feature requests concerning the global input issue:


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