Stereo signal through headphones

Is this possible?

I seems like it should be the default, but for some reason my L & R signals are summed mono in my headphones

Edit: So I put a utility block at the beginning of the signal chains, right when L & R split apart. Each one just turns the volume of that chain down to zero, so I can toggle between left and right manually. HOWEVER, if I go into the I/O menu, and toggle the mute for each channel, the channels clearly are not isolated to L & R

Another weird thing is that I have loop set up in each chain to go into my timeline and big sky. If I mute one of the chains (with the Utility block) I still hear the wet in that ear from the other sides delay/reverb… but if I turn the loopers off, then each channel is completely isolated (again, if I use the utility block)

None of this makes ay sense

Edit 2: I am using USB 3 and USB 4 for my outputs, but if I switch to OUT 3 and OUT 4 the entire tone in my headphones completely changes, but if I switch between those output and listen to my studio monitors, the tones is identical

Edit 3: Also, my headphones start clipping at VERY low volumes. I have everything as loud as it can go before clipping and the volume is just about perfect… but it would be nice to get more headroom. I am using my 64 in ears

Edit 4: There is something completely messed up about the headphone output on this thing. It should not be this difficult

Hey! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your headphone out. Please reach out to for troubleshooting.

Maybe this thread will help you?