Identify the Neural Capture with colored icon

I would believe the colored capture would replace a block of the same color (in most cases) maybe except for drive.

but, if you have an amp or amp with cab capture, I would believe you do not have an amp block in your chain. So in the end, the ‘‘red block’’ would be replaced by another ‘‘red block’’ I tend to see this as less confusing (IMO).

Also, I tend to not assign amp, or cabs to stomps in stomp mode, so the gig view and its colors would not really apply. Maybe I’m the only one for this. If I have more than one amp, I’ll use scenes which are not colored.

again, you have your use case, and I have mine, and others have their. But it is really good I think that NDSP gets them, it will help them consider this FR and how to solve it.
I still think Captures need to be sorted out (I think we all agree) the question is HOW

If we now summarize all our reasoning, we can come to the following:
For individual capture, we can to use the icon of the corresponding group, adding some sign to it to understand that this is a capture, for example:

This will preserve the familiar symbology and color coding of the blocks.
Or like this:

For combined capture, considering two and more icons make it clear that we are seeing a capture, we can really abandon the globe icon, and accommodate up to 4 well-readable icons:
version with globe, less clean: