Identify the Neural Capture with colored icon

If we now summarize all our reasoning, we need come to the following:
For individual capture, we need to use the icon of the corresponding group, adding some sign to it to understand that this is a capture, for example:

This will preserve the familiar pictograms and color coding of the blocks.
More aesthetic options:
2. The cleanliness and symmetry so delicious!

3. Box

4. Frame

For combined capture, considering two and more icons make it clear that we are seeing a capture, we can really abandon the globe icon, and accommodate up to 4 well-readable icons:
version with globe, less clean:


…the initial color of the captures blocks is gray, аlso interesting:


Great Ideas. Let us not wait too long :slight_smile:

This is a really nice solution and is intuitive enough that you can remember it once you know what the dots represent. Its also exactly the categories that need to be asked to finish a new capture, before being able to save it.

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Been a while I came on the Forum, it’s not much but I have some pride knowing my FR is the one with the most votes!

I’m pretty sure NeuralDSP can come up with a good solution in terms of visual, but let me just remind you that 10% of male (and a bit less than 5% of female) guitarists and bassists are color-blind.

Appears that Icons for Neural Captures are here in 2.0!