Idea - more scenes then 8

Hi. It is just idea, but would be great, if it would be possible to build more then just 8 scenes, when controlled by MIDI. 8 scenes could be quite limiting. I understand, that it is build as giging tool, and 8 scenes should be enought, but unfortunately it is not for my application, or it is very edgy. Yea and I also know, that there is a way around it (MIDI control of presets etc.), but just might be good addition to consider.

My QC is on it’s way, haven’t even tried it, but I agree with the above. Just listening through my current pre-prod setlist, I can imagine doing much cooler gigs, bringing in more studio production value, like eq drops, stereo/mono - L/M/R hopping, etc

Is it not that there are 8 scenes per preset? Or you are somehow limited to use of that only one preset?

Sorry, if I misunderstood something.

8 scenes per preset … the current workaround is to use more presets indeed

Others in this forum have already requested more scenes, but accessible through a second press on a footswitch on the QC. Any time this topic comes up I usually send people to these links:

Also, here’s a request for more assignable MIDI commands per scene, definitely vote here:


Yes … I’m new here but used to have fractal, kemper etc.
Just bought the QC and super happy with the sounds and form factor - never felt so satisfied in such short time with modelling gear.

I’m currently using an external midi thingy just to provide me a bit more flexibility but it would be awesome if the midi/footswitch implementation could go a little further so happy to jump in and vote on those threads as well :smiley: