I wrote a email to neural dsp after the advice here,but they dont even reply?

So i did wrote a email about the support for windows 7 because we work here with windows 7 as a music DAW. But we cant use the quad cortex because it doesnt support windows 7.

The advice here was to email them,but they dont even respond to those questions,this is a very strange support from neural dsp for such a device…

I have had this problem too many times before. From my experience, there are two main reasons for that:

  1. The mails sent to the Neural support have attached files.
    → Very often when they asked for files, there was no response after that. It seems they have a problem with their mail / server / whatever.

  2. They can’t offer an easy solution.
    → Again, from my experience when there is a solution they can provide, the support will be very quick and responsive. As soon as a problem seems to be more complex, they stopped responding. Only after a few mails I was then told that “we are currently investigating your problem” or something along those lines. But that has not worked ever so far.

Hope you have more luck :wink:

Yes they could at least give a reply… this is not a support what i expected from such a company…

Hi @john2910, I am sure Neural support will respond to your email but make sure it didn’t end up in your spam folder etc. As far as compatibility, NDSP likely will only support any currently supported OS (minus Linux) and as Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 over two years ago, you may have issues with compatibility and overall support. The QC supports core audio via USB, you should be able to use a generic ASIO driver (ASIO4All etc.) but you probably will be limited to your options unless you can utilize their driver which support both MAC and Windows 10 currently.

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@john2910 - Can you please message me your email so I can follow up with the team? Thank you.

Often times when it’s a complex issue, the support team will follow up with other teams in order to provide a thorough answer which can sometimes take a little bit of time.