Hybrid mode is coming!

Can’t wait for the 2.0 update where hybrid mode is added.

I bought a early batch QC, but sold it because it lacked the hybrid option (without hustle) and bought a fm9.

Read about 2.0 a few days ago and bought one again since they are in stock. So can’t wait.

I’m not the only person that needed this obvious feature. I guess most live players that like to play compact without need for a external midi controller.

I think this will boost the sale and really launch the unit. This should be there from the beginning. But hey: it’s there any day now so no complaining.

this unit sounds and feels great with the smallest footprint on stage. What’s not to like.


Yes, we know, it’s the only thing they’ve talked about.

Kind of quiet around here.

I’ve been checking settings>settings>device options>device updates>check for updates periodically the past couple of days :grinning:. Anyone else? Am I crazy? :rofl:

It could arrive any day now , keep lookin out

Yes indeed! I also totally agree with you on the small footprint of the QC, that was a big reason for me to get it as opposed as a FM9, which was my other main option.