Hum Cancel At I/O Screen

Some worse than others, single coil pickups for as wonderful as they sound can have problems with noise or 60-cycle hum.

In some environments, particularly live venues, the noise can be very loud.

A feature I would find to be useful would be a hum-cancelling effect similar to the Ebtech/Morley Hum Eliminator that can be set at the I/O screen and saved in the Input Profile (Input Profile doesn’t exist at the time of this suggestion but is suggested here: Input Profile for different instruments )

This would allow the guitarist to turn on the hum cancelling globally for all presets/scenes that are using that Input Profile.

This would allow the musician to quickly turn on this feature for all of the instruments that are struggling with noise and leave it off for those that are not.

Quad Cortex already has a ground lift capability in the I/O page that should do more or less the same as a Ebtech/Morley Hum Eliminator for reducing ground loops. This won’t impact noise from single coil pick though because that noise is introduced into the guitar pickup coils, not from ground loops.

The best way to eliminate pickup noise is unfortunately humbucking pickups. Maybe AI in the future will be able to recognize and remove pickup noise, but usually electrical noise reduction techniques have some loss in tone.

Another option is to just use a noise gate and not worry about the single coil pickup noise that much.