Huge Issue with Archetype Abasi MIDI control

I use MIDI items in Reaper to control preset changes in amp sims. Previously I used Amplitube 4, and thought I’d try out NDSP.

At first glance this is very easy to do with the Abasi plugin: You open up MIDI Mappings, enter in each preset you’re using and it’s PC number, and you’re set to go. As you play the song, the plugin changes whenever it hits a MIDI item containing that PC message.

The issue is, then you open up a different project intending to do the same thing and the MIDI mappings have the same configuration - pointing to the same presets - as in the previous project - which means that you can literally only use this feature for ONE song.

I can’t believe this is something that was intended, so can anyone let me know where I’m going wrong or what feature I’m missing?