Archetype and Max (maxmsp)

Hi - I’m trying out Abasi in trial mode. It sounds great. I’m running it as a VST within Max 8, where I do other DSP like spatialisation and spectral stuff.

I would like to be able to change between presets using my midi foot controller. Its messages go into Max and then I can convert them into any kind of message e.g. for the VST. However, among the listed VST parameters for ABASI I don’t see Preset as an option, nor the interface options related to saving and loading presets.

Is there a way to change presets with a specific Max message into the VST, or would it be simpler if I made my MIDI pedal send messages into the VST itself via a MIDI IAC Bus (which would be separate to Max). I’d prefer the first option because it means I can use my pedal to do other stuff in Max besides control Archetype.

FWIW here is the list of parameters that Max sees

Input Gain
Output Gain
Gate Amount
Pedal Section Active
Logos Active
Logos Compression
Logos Level
Logos Tone
Pathos Active
Pathos Gain
Pathos Bass
Pathos Mids
Pathos Treble
Pathos Level
Pathos Voicing
Amp Type
Amp Section Active
Clean Bright
Clean Low Boost
Clean Gain
Clean Bass
Clean Mid
Clean Treble
Clean Blend
Clean Master
Clean Level
Rhythm Bright
Rhythm Low Boost
Rhythm Gain
Rhythm Bass
Rhythm Treble
Rhythm Presence
Rhythm Tight
Rhythm Master
Rhythm Level
Lead Bright
Lead Low Boost
Lead Attack
Lead Gain
Lead Bass
Lead Mid
Lead Treble
Lead Master
Lead Level
EQ Section Active
Clean EQ Active
Clean EQ Band 1
Clean EQ Band 2
Clean EQ Band 3
Clean EQ Band 4
Clean EQ Band 5
Clean EQ Band 6
Clean EQ Band 7
Clean EQ Band 8
Clean EQ Band 9
Rhythm EQ Active
Rhythm EQ Band 1
Rhythm EQ Band 2
Rhythm EQ Band 3
Rhythm EQ Band 4
Rhythm EQ Band 5
Rhythm EQ Band 6
Rhythm EQ Band 7
Rhythm EQ Band 8
Rhythm EQ Band 9
Lead EQ Active
Lead EQ Band 1
Lead EQ Band 2
Lead EQ Band 3
Lead EQ Band 4
Lead EQ Band 5
Lead EQ Band 6
Lead EQ Band 7
Lead EQ Band 8
Lead EQ Band 9
Cab Section Active
Cab 1 Active
Cab 1 Position
Cab 1 Distance
Cab 1 Level
Cab 1 Pan
Cab 1 Phase
Cab 1 Mic IR
Cab 2 Active
Cab 2 Position
Cab 2 Distance
Cab 2 Level
Cab 2 Pan
Cab 2 Phase
Cab 2 Mic IR
FX Section Active
Delay Active
Delay Mix
Delay Tempo
Delay Sync
Delay Sync Note
Delay Feedback
Delay Low Cut
Delay High Cut
Delay Ping Pong
Delay Modulation
Delay Modulation On
Delay Tap Tempo
Reverb Active
Reverb Dry/Wet
Reverb Pre Delay
Reverb Decay
Reverb Low Cut
Reverb High Cut