How will neural capture work?

One of the use scenarios I am conceiving with the QC is capturing some of my hardware to have on the road with me but I might want, for instance, to capture a distortion pedal but still use an amp sim from the QC library. Another thing that comes to mind is having two blocks of captured hardware on the same preset.
So my questions are:
Will Neural Capture have a dedicated block or will it have to be used in the place of the amp block?
Can I have more than one capture block running at the same time?

I was wondering the same thing. I have Prescription Electronics Germ pedal that I love, but no more are ever going to be produced since the company doesn’t exist anymore. I would love to capture the characteristics of this pedal to be used with any of the amp sims in the QC similar to how the pedals in the Archetype plugins work.