How To Run TWO Instruments Using 2 Different Presets?

I want to run a guitar and bass into my QC. I want the guitar to use preset 1c and input 1, while the bass uses preset 2b in input 2.

HOW…. do you set the presets for each instrument?

Is there some kind of dual instrument mode?

Corfuzed in Columbus

Hey VmusicV,

What I’ve done is set up two chains in the same preset. You can’t run two presets at once, but you can have multiple inputs setup in the same preset, each with completely different sets of amps/effects, etc.

For me, Input 1 (guitar) is processed on Row 1 and Input 2 (theremin and other synths) is processed on Row 2. I have both running to Row 3&4 with stereo effects added to both. Each has different amps or whatever that particular instrument needs BEFORE it goes to Rows 3&4.

I hope this helped somehow.

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THANK YOU!! I’ll give that a shot.

Out of curiosity, what type /brand of theremin do you use?

I have a Moog Etherwave theremin. I had mine modded by a guy in the Netherlands to make it left-handed and add a chip that gives it an extra 2 octaves on the low end. It’s great and I’m finally getting decent at it! haha.

That’s sweet.

Out of (more) curiosity……
what’s the learning curve? I assume you’re a guitar player.

It is something you can get in a few months practicing a few times a week. Or is more like 6 months to a year?

It’s hard to say. I’ve owned theremins off and on for a long time, but only in the last two years have I been using one at my gigs regularly. So, I’m finally able to hit notes and melodies, but that’s from just hacking it out really and not so much a practice routine to get there. I’m still a total beginner compared to tons of people on YouTube. I think I’ve mostly improved because my ear has improved. I do have a book by Carolina Eyck, but haven’t had time to start it yet. I’ve been too busy gigging and creating new songs and mixes to work on actually playing better.

Yes, I’m a guitar player primarily, but even then I still don’t like my playing. My goal is to practice 2 hours a day all year, unless I have a gig, then that counts lol. (mostly because I’m too worn out to play or practice more). I gigged yesterday and today, so I haven’t started the hardcore practicing yet.

Long story short (without getting too much in the thick of it), I never really believed I could succeed at anything, so practicing seemed futile. A whole lot of counseling later and now I’m starting a practice routine, for my own enjoyment. I do want my playing to improve, just to make hearing myself at gigs more interesting.

If you are more discipline than I am, you can probably progress to see musical results playing theremin in a few months.


Remember… don’t compare yourself to others, that’s not a measurement of anything.

Compare yourself to yourself. This year, last year. You’ll improve. I know you will.

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