How hot should I come into this thing? Archetype Nolly plug in

Hey guys. Long time listener, first time caller. Just got the Archtype nolly.

Is there a range I need to be within for the input? Surely the input level matters with overdrive and other amplitude dependent factors such as the compressor ect. ect.

Given the wide range of input levels offered by most interfaces makes me wonder if I need to be hitting some calibration point or if there is a window of input levels I need to stay within for the plug in to perform optimally.

(as a complete side note. Does anyone know what pedals and amps these are modeled after. FOr example it has a green overdrive. If it’s a tube screamer emulation then I would have some intuition for setting it or if I knew what amps the amps were modeled after, I would have a better intiution for tweaking and setting them. Right now its just twist and see what ya get, which has been fun but throw me frickin bone if ya can; what is this stuff, ya know?)

thanks cheers, rock on,

  • roy cool man

generally set level as hot as possible without clipping

I use an Avalon U5 DI and it has selectable (toggle) IP level as opposed to continuous pot, so I select the one that’s below the one that clips.

In general leave a slight headroom just incase you really wack the guitar, but only you know your style and dynamics so set it for your playing…

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A lot of people that know way more than me about this say the standard for plugin design is that plugins expect -12db on the input.

Yes sir. Most plug ins, expecially plug ins made to emulate analog gear, will have an arbitrary point below 0dBFS that is supposed to be calibrated to 0dBVU of the anolog equipment we are emulating. This value is different for all plug ins though and is mostly either -18dBFS or -20dBFS.

I figured this amp software may be the same. Surely it must except a range of values as not all guitars have the same output and the difference between a humbucker and a single alone is about 6dB.

I have a had great luck pulling awesome tone from this plug in but the main reason I ask is because I am getting loads and loads of noise/amp hiss, even on “low gain” settings and was wondering if I need to pay more attention to my gain structure.