How do I update Nolly?

I just learned that there is now a built-in tuner for the plugin, Im just wondering how do I update the plugin?
Do I have to just download it again or is there a neat little update button in there that Im not seeing?

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Hello @joel.notkonen-4574. Archetype: Nolly doesn’t have a built-in tuner yet. The update that will add this feature is currently on beta test and will be released very soon.

The best way to update your Plug-Ins is to delete the old version and install the new one. You can download all the installers from here:

Hi Gonzalo

How long can we expect to wait for the Archetype Nolly Update?


soon brother

Replaced the old Nolly instances in my Logic X with v.2.0 according to instructions and so far, so good :innocent:

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The App looks much better now, new details in the graphics (scratches and marks, tubes in the white amp), and… tuner!!!

Great work Neural!!!

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